Achieving Balance Kinesiology

Why me

Coaching, in all sense of the word, has been something I was born to do. I would coach anyone who stood still long enough for me to teach them, whether it be something physical or a life lesson. Growing up I was always the teacher at play time, I was always demonstrating, instructing, and looking for ways to improve on oneself and everyone around me. I have always believed that we need to be moving towards something bigger. If we stop moving, we start losing.

People always told me that I was going to teach and follow the path of my mother. But I believe I have always felt that teaching is my role in life. Mum however thought differently, she encouraged the teaching, but she always saw me as a sports psychologist, that one step deeper into the why rather than the how. Yes teach them the skills, but also help to overcome the mental blocks to perform these skills at the next level. That was where she saw me. I find this fascinating as I only recently heard this story after my mother experienced her first full kinesiology balance.

I love health! I love teaching health, I love talking health and nothing excites me more than creating and sharing ways to help others achieve health. However my view of health changed once I was introduced to wellness. Wellness to me is more than just health. It is pushing yourself past those limiting beliefs that you may have about your current state of health, and realizing that you’re only half way on your journey to complete wholeness.

Three years ago my husband and I were asked to write down our ultimate goal for life, ‘our chief aim’. I thought this was easy and wrote down a long list, which teaching health was one of many. My husband, on the other hand, struggled with this. He didn’t have an ultimate goal and so decided to make health his major priority. Simple and easy to achieve – well, so I thought anyway. That moment changed everything, we had given ourselves permission to purchase items that would help make as healthier and to question everything that we had previously thought about health. I now look back on this moment and know just how lucky we were.

As a PE teacher I never thought that my “healthy” decisions were making me sick. I came from the typical health industry world of a can of diet ‘V’ before an afternoon workout, followed by a highly emotionally driven low fat dinner, full of self-doubt and body hate. I was addicted to both sugar and salt. I was dehydrated and under nourished at a cellular level, and nothing I did really nourished me physically or emotionally. It is after finally seeing my life in black and white, and the contrast between the last few years that I have found balance and wholeness. It was from this that I knew there was more than what I was teaching in the school curriculum and it was at that point that I found again my true passion for coaching health, but more precisely wellness and the mind-body connection.

Studying Kinesiology, NLP, Tapping and Hypnosis have given me amazing new tools. I have learned how to communicate with the body at a deeper, more profoundly life changing level, than ever before. Through Kinesiology I am able to develop specific individual coaching programs to re-establish the mind-body connection and allow you to be everything that you can be, to achieve balance physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and financially. I went into Kinesiology looking for answers but came back experiencing total empowerment, and with the ability to teach this empowerment to others.