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Looking back to where I first started and how far I have come, can at times can be overwhelming. I often forget that 2 and half years ago, Kinesiology was just an idea in the back of my mind and not a reality. During my most recent stages of self-development I was asked in passing to recall those small but significant turning points that have lead me to here. I surprised myself in how many sign posts I have turned at and for how long I have been experiencing them. Now that I pause to look back, I can’t believe it has taken me so long to where I am. In saying that, I still wouldn’t have changed the journey as during it is where I gained so my knowledge, experience and momentum.

Above is one of my favourite photos of a travelling adventure with my now husband at the very beginning of our relationship. A trip where we hiked across the mountains on the Slovakian border crossing over and walking down into Poland. This photo is a good reminder of one of the major turning points in my life. I was finally finished with experiencing all the failing relationship in my life. I had to reassess and redefine what it was I truly wanted in a relationship and put myself in a place to allow for a new energy to follow in. The came and happened fast. In the beginning I had to decide quickly, to either stay and finish the last few months of my working visa in London or follow him home? Concerned question came from all my friends or family for all different accounts. It is this photo that symbolises just how dynamic our relationship started, the literal and metaphysical mountain that we crossed. It is the moment I stepped off the guided track at the very top, blissfully egret towards the sheer drop and nothingness below me. It is the moment that I saw complete calmness from my partner and his simple clear instructAchieving Balance ion to climb back over, to the safer side of the rock face. It is in moment I saw him remove his own hiking pack and reach out for me, looking directly down the mountain. Moments later he confessed his fear of heights and the physical effect it plays within his body. It was this moment that the fear of me slipping or falling was far greater that his own fear of heights and actions to overcome this fear was effortless.

I wish I could say that it was at this point that I learnt the secret to overcoming any fear. That it takes being face with a bigger pain, so that the original pain of the fear seems like nothing and the next step forward felt definite, but this is not the case. That particular lesson learn was clearly pointed out to me during my classes at the Mind Body Co, 10 years later, but it was top of the mountain where I certainly changed direction in my life path.

My second biggest turning points was just a normal afternoon hanging out with friends. At the end of my visit I was introduced to a law of attraction style of Cd called, ‘your wish, is your command’. The friend at the time had only just received it and was passing it on to see what I thought? After a desperate conversation with him around finding good quality daycare inner city for my son. Well I lapped up it up then and I still love it now. I relaxed on the daycare search to and received a call from a close neighbour who happened to be the director at a local centre and was creating a space to fit me in, as she couldn’t believe she could not cater for her locals. After learning about NPL I realise why I loved these Cd’s so much. I tried to share it with everyone and couldn’t understand why my mother and sister didn’t love them as much as I did but felt blessed that my husband did. The first day I listened to it a monster was unleashed. From there I realised that my husband and I were actually truly heading the same direction. With the Cd I formed many new friendships, I who of which supplied the motivational Cd in the first place. To him I will ever be grateful for all the lesson, resources, self-development and advice given to me along my journey.

Not so much as a turning point but a definite seed being planted in the back of my mind is my experience in year 12 of school. I’m very lucky to have been exposed to simple NLP techniques and goal setting at such an impressible age. At the very beginning of our finial year in a small isolated country school my PDHPE teacher organised a guest speaker to address to the year group. I didn’t know it at the time but he instructed elicit an anchor for a state of confidence, focus and motivation which I used throughout my final year and exams. He also guided us though active goal setting and our values put our desired HSC results into our timeline along with a few other techniques. It has always blown me away the amount of accuracy in my visualisation, the total sensory experience and my final marks. Over the years I have tried to repeat the technique with my own year 12 students in the classroom given the success I experienced.

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