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It’s only recently that I have really connected with the innate ability to listen to my body and hear its many whispers. One of my proudest moments as a teacher has been controlling my bodily urges to fit into the school timetable. As humans, we love consistency and routine, and I can tell you that every time I walked out of the staffroom and into the classroom it hasn’t been without a visit to the bathroom.  It took 6 years of teaching before I realised that my forced toilet habits had actually destroyed my bladder and my ability to listen to my body. It was at this point that modern medicine failed me and that I finally went searching for answers.

I frequently experienced urinary track infections and was often in so much pain that the idea of driving to work for 20 minutes was too much to bare. I often resorted to a spare script  I had on standby and my partner knew what to put in the shopping trolley in those times of need. I was told all the preventative strategies and understood how to implement them, and the importance of prevention, but nothing changed and nothing helped. During my first pregnancy I realised that if things were going to change then I had to drastically change. I had been presented with a prescription for an antibiotic that I had previously not responded so well too. In fact my last script of this particular type had stopped urination completely for more than 24 hours, something that didn’t feel right given the amount of water I was consuming. I was not going to put my unborn child through that sort of stress. I started to ask questions?

The following year,  though a recommendation, I found a fantastic Chiropractor for my son and I. Within a few sessions I noticed a massive change in my bladder habits as well as fantastic overall health improvements. It was a slow process to connect my mental body with what I was being told by the Chiropractor each week but little by little I started listening. It was at this point I realised that the more I listen the more it spoke.  My health changes were reinforced with a visit to my Dad’s house, where his whole house runs on filtered rain water. For the first time ever I think I truly felt completely hydrated. Each glass of clean pure water actually absorbed into my body, on a cellular level. The immense pleasure felt as it left my body truly made me present with my body.

Recommended reading about water is ‘our bodies many cries for water‘, reinforcing hydration issues to me from when I slowed down enough to stop and listen.

So how does your body communicate with you?  And remembering that every single person is going to be different and any similar experience may feel different each time.

1. Goosebumps, cold shivers are one of the most common sensations. Often felt when what you are speaking about verbally is resonating with you at a subconscious level

2. Sneezes and sometimes even burping.

3. Unexplained feelings or emotions.

4. Dreams and daydreams.

5. Pins and needles in particular locations on the body

6. Feelings and urges such as thirst and hunger. Often these simple messages from our body have been miss interpreted and attract an emotional response. Reconnecting back with your body will help to read these messages correctly.

7. Muscle testing, using a gentle pressure towards any muscle on the body as a biofeedback tool, testing for a stress response to either a emotion, substance, movement or verbal cue. See my information sheet on the simple arts of muscle testing at home for more details.


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