Dry Skin Brushing



Using a natural hair brush (purchased in most supermarkets or chemists) stroke the skin in an upwards and slightly circular motion towards the heart. Start with the soles of the feet and palms of the hands and move upwards supporting the natural flow of lymphatic and venous fluid. Allow for larger strokes across the stomach area moving in a clockwise fashion to support and assist movement of waste though the Large Intestines. Visualise the colour green during this process allowing the body to detox the old and welcome the growth of the new. Take time here appreciate your body and truly connect with a feeling of self-love within your skin.

achieving balance kinesiology– This process is best done in the morning before taking a shower. Often best followed by a flush of cold to warm water in the shower and the use of quality organic oil after to feed the skin.

– Skin should be stimulated but not red or irritated. You need to be comfortably uncomfortable.

– Continue for at least 27 days to allow skin cells time to regenerate.


Your skin is your biggest organ. Your skin is responsible for protection, sensation, temperature regulation and excretion of waste. It is our point of contact with the external world and controls everything entering and exiting. Below the outer layer of the skin is our lymphatic system, the drainage system of our body. Both the skin and the lymphatic system are 2 key components in a complex detoxification system the body has to ensure good health, optimal pH and functioning. It is here that dry skin brushing becomes a simple cost effective way to help support your body to detox modern toxins and emotions of the modern day world.

Dry skin brushing has been practiced traditionally in many different cultures. Prior to bathing ancient Greek used a specialised spoon like skin scraper to remove dirt and induce circulation. Most ancient bath house techniques involve varying forms of skin massage, ex-foliation and stimulation before and during the bathing process.

Feeling sluggish, stuck, unable to move forward or lacking vital energy has become the norm with most people. Tradition Chinese medicine would say that your Chi energy is stuck or blocked. Stimulating the skin, lymphatic system and lymphatic reflexes is one way to stimulate both lymphatic and chi flow around the body assisting and supporting the bodies detoxification processes.

Often when stimulating stuck lymph or energy one can experience feelings of strong emotions or flash backs to past memories. If or when this does occur take note of the memory and the location of the body. There is a strong link between the mind and the body and the more your listen to the body the easier the body speaks. If a memory is overwhelming it is often helpful to remember that we store emotions or memories to protect us. Try looking at the memory from above, looking down for a positive life lesson from the situation. Than thank your body for holding on to the memory so that you can gain your learning’s and move forward from the past, feeling related tension release from the area and allow your new resilient elastic youthful skin to return.

and move forward from the past, feeling related tension release from the area and allow your new resilient elastic youthful skin to return. Erin Elizabeth Straker, Achieving balance Kinesiology, Mind body Health, Best Kinesiology, dry skin brushing

Benefits from dry skin brushing:

  • Exfoliates skin and removes outer impurities
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage, stimulates and supports your immune system
  • Increases blood supply to the skin and lymphatic system
  • Helps to break down some fat and scar tissue by increasing blood flow
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Assists in a natural detoxification process especially when using the liver, stomach and Large Intestines lymphatic reflex points are stimulated
  • Stimulates, revives and rejuvenates your cells
  • Helps to tone muscles, improves and restores skin tone while assist in prevention of premature aging
Remember That Dry Skin Brushing is a way to Detox your skin, lymphatic system, liver and whole body. Depending on the frequency practiced, the amount of toxins in your lifestyle and your overall health level you may experience physical symptoms of a Detox. Be both mindful and aware of what your body to telling you and seek extra Detox support if Detox symptoms increase of change in any way. Your body may need additional support from a Doctor, Nutritional, Herbalist or Energy-worker to assist you in the detox process.Get to know your body:Louise Hay in “You can heal your life” speaks about different parts of your body having a different emotional meaning to achieving total wellness. Some of the areas to think about when dry skin brushing is as follows:

  • Skin is our individuality our protection from the outside world. We are thick skinned. Issues seem to get under out skin. We feel skinned alive.
  • Hands and arms are our ability to hold, grasp and embrace the experience in life.
  • Our legs carry us forward in life
  • Our knees demonstrate our ability to be flexible in life, our ego and stubbornness
  • Our stomach is our ability to digest new ideas and experiences
  • Our back is our support system

Louise Hays positive affirmation for skin is:

“I feel safe to be me,” “I am secure. No one threatens my individuality. I am at peace. The world is safe and friendly. Whatever I need will always be here.”

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